Pâtisserie reviews in Paris – Fauchon & Aux Merveilleux de Fred

“Fiona’s Paris trip confirmed that French was indeed the language of love” is how my birthday card from my Mum read this year. Take a look at it and you’ll see exactly how befitting this card was...
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Recipe: Mocha Maca-fail Cake (aka The Machertorte)

I’m typically a calm person. I take things in my stride and when situations get tense or are on the verge of meltdown I take a deep breath and quickly search for a solution. If total destruction is inevitable...
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On a (swiss) roll!

Following my win of the Cambridge Bake Off in August of this year I became hungry for more competitions. My husband pointed out that an optician in Cambridge, Taank Optometrists, was celebrating 100 years...
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