I love a good story, especially when it’s edible!

I love to settle down with a nice cup of tea and a good book, especially when the book is cake!

IMG_5770 (3)

Though sad for me I didn’t get to eat this cake, I did get to create it and received a wonderful reaction from the customer that was just as good!

Jill came to see me about a cake for her father, Ken, who would be turning 90. Having seen my other book cakes, she wanted this idea for her father’s cake too, as something a little out of the ordinary. We based the main cake on her copy of “Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire 1913″, which had been in the family for many years, with Lincolnshire being the home town of Ken and his family before he settled in East Anglia. Kelly’s directories are essentially a Victorian version of today’s “Yellow Pages” and are now important historical research tools. I switched the year of publication from 1913 to 1927 to reflect Ken’s birth year.
Jill's rather old copy of Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire on which the cake was based.

Jill’s rather old copy of Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire on which the cake was based.

Ken was a passionate science and maths teacher in his younger days and so I formed a mortar board out of rice krispy treats and created an edible personalised old-school exercise book, which featured a very simple mathematical subtraction of the date of his actual birth (16 02 1927) from his 2017 birthday (16 02 2017) to equal 90! Finally, I created an edible postcard of a Cypriot map and the words “We’ve arrived in Cyprus” which would remind Ken of the special time he and his family spent in the country, having lived there for 6 years and returning for holidays for many years since.
IMG_5775 (2)


It was such a fun cake to make. Happy 90th Birthday Ken!

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    Yet again, magnificent! This looks real; the attention to detail is so exacting. I bet he was thrilled Fiona. A creation to be proud of! As goes for all of your stunning creations. X

    1. Fiona Patissiere

      Thanks! :-)

  2. Lizzie Woodman

    Wow, this looks so incredibly realistic!

  3. Lisa

    This is amazing! You are so talented.
    I love all the nods to Ken’s history. So special.

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