Chocolate-Chip and Salted Caramel Cookies – Recipe

Soft, gooey, chocolate-chip cookies are pretty darn awesome. Fact. Soft, gooey, chocolate-chip AND salted caramel cookies are phenomenal. Trust me. In fact, don’t just trust me; try them yourself with...
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Recipe: Mocha Maca-fail Cake (aka The Machertorte)

I’m typically a calm person. I take things in my stride and when situations get tense or are on the verge of meltdown I take a deep breath and quickly search for a solution. If total destruction is inevitable...
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Macaron making in a nutshell

Macarons making you mad? Don’t sweat it! Follow the recipe below, alongside watching my short video, and hopefully you’ll be serving up a piece of Paris in no time! The following recipe is...
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Miroir, miroir on the wall…

  These past few weeks I’ve been busy flexing my pâtisserie muscles and playing around with chocolate. Chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, tempered chocolate, painted chocolate, salted chocolate...
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Passion fruit, rhubarb and strawberry entremets

I like to make things complicated. Well actually, I don’t like it, it’s just the way I seem to operate. It’s beyond my control. Recently, I was asked to make a cake containing passion fruit. That...
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Getting spicy at the Cambridge Cookery School – gingerbread masterclass

To kick off the Christmas celebrations I was excited to run a gingerbread-decorating masterclass at the Cambridge Cookery School. Armed with a piping bag and nozzle, I taught students the basics of working...
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The last of the autumn sloes

My husband and I love sloe gin. We didn’t realise just how much until we discovered that our 2 litre home-made stock from last autumn was severely depleted by late spring of this year! We don’t have...
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