Pop-up at Boudoir Femme

Last night Fiona Pâtissière made its first Cambridge appearance in the form of a pop-up macaron shop at one of the city’s finest independent fashion retailers, Boudoir Femme. The pop-up shop formed...
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From Biologist to Baker – how did that happen?!

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a nerd, a swot; ok, ok, a down-right geek! From a young age I became fascinated in the world and all of its workings. And like most kids I would persistently annoy (and...
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Now here’s food for thought!

When thinking of February 14th I’m sure it’s true to say that most people turn their thoughts to hearts, roses, lovers and romantic candle-lit dinners. It’s fair to say that few people think of brains....
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Pop-up pâtisserie at Spa ely

During the month of December I ran my own pop-up pâtisserie at a luxury beauty spa in my home city of Ely. This was a HUGE undertaking for me as I had never done anything on this scale before, and it...
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