Miroir, miroir on the wall…

  These past few weeks I’ve been busy flexing my pâtisserie muscles and playing around with chocolate. Chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, tempered chocolate, painted chocolate, salted chocolate...
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And the winner of the Cambridge Bake Off 2014 is…

…Rachel Stonehouse, last year’s Bake Off runner-up and the youngest baker in the competition. Last year I very narrowly beat Rachel in the Cambridge Bake Off and have to admit to feeling a little bad...
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Cambridge Bake Off – semi-finals

This past weekend saw the semi-finals of the Cambridge Bake Off take place at the Cambridge Cookery School which challenged the 8 remaining bakers to create something truly delicious with crème pâtissière...
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Ready? Steady…eat cake!

Last weekend I was mostly filling my boots with cake, cake and more cake! I do love cake, no question, but I have to admit I very almost reached my limit whilst judging the Cambridge Bake Off quarter finals...
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Now here’s food for thought!

When thinking of February 14th I’m sure it’s true to say that most people turn their thoughts to hearts, roses, lovers and romantic candle-lit dinners. It’s fair to say that few people think of brains....
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Passion fruit, rhubarb and strawberry entremets

I like to make things complicated. Well actually, I don’t like it, it’s just the way I seem to operate. It’s beyond my control. Recently, I was asked to make a cake containing passion fruit. That...
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Pop-up pâtisserie at Spa ely

During the month of December I ran my own pop-up pâtisserie at a luxury beauty spa in my home city of Ely. This was a HUGE undertaking for me as I had never done anything on this scale before, and it...
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The bear, the hare and Fiona Pâtissière

In the summer of 2013 I was overjoyed to be crowned Cambridge’s best amateur baker in the first Cambridge Bake Off. John Lewis was one of the very generous sponsors of this event and donated the grand...
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Getting spicy at the Cambridge Cookery School – gingerbread masterclass

To kick off the Christmas celebrations I was excited to run a gingerbread-decorating masterclass at the Cambridge Cookery School. Armed with a piping bag and nozzle, I taught students the basics of working...
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For the love of French pâtisserie

For the third round of the Cambridge Bake Off that took place in the summer of this year (you can read about it HERE) my fellow contestants and I were challenged with the task of creating any pâtisserie...
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