Fiona McDuff

Fiona McDuff


Macaron making in a nutshell

Macarons making you mad? Don’t sweat it! Follow the recipe below, alongside watching my short video, and hopefully you’ll be serving up a piece of Paris in no time! The following recipe is...
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Painted cakes – a quick tutorial

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to paint your favourite images on to the best medium there is. Forget paper, canvas or Banksy-stylee concrete (so yesterday!) and think more sweetly… that’s...
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From Biologist to Baker – how did that happen?!

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a nerd, a swot; ok, ok, a down-right geek! From a young age I became fascinated in the world and all of its workings. And like most kids I would persistently annoy (and...
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Lola and Ian’s King Kong, movies and doodles cake

I haven’t been in the habit of blogging about particular cakes but I thought this one warranted an explanation. Lola is a friend of mine from University days and, along with her now-husband Ian, is full...
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Miroir, miroir on the wall…

  These past few weeks I’ve been busy flexing my pâtisserie muscles and playing around with chocolate. Chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, tempered chocolate, painted chocolate, salted chocolate...
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And the winner of the Cambridge Bake Off 2014 is…

…Rachel Stonehouse, last year’s Bake Off runner-up and the youngest baker in the competition. Last year I very narrowly beat Rachel in the Cambridge Bake Off and have to admit to feeling a little bad...
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Cambridge Bake Off – semi-finals

This past weekend saw the semi-finals of the Cambridge Bake Off take place at the Cambridge Cookery School which challenged the 8 remaining bakers to create something truly delicious with crème pâtissière...
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Ready? Steady…eat cake!

Last weekend I was mostly filling my boots with cake, cake and more cake! I do love cake, no question, but I have to admit I very almost reached my limit whilst judging the Cambridge Bake Off quarter finals...
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Now here’s food for thought!

When thinking of February 14th I’m sure it’s true to say that most people turn their thoughts to hearts, roses, lovers and romantic candle-lit dinners. It’s fair to say that few people think of brains....
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Passion fruit, rhubarb and strawberry entremets

I like to make things complicated. Well actually, I don’t like it, it’s just the way I seem to operate. It’s beyond my control. Recently, I was asked to make a cake containing passion fruit. That...
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